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HTML Course Review

November 2000

Justin hard at work

Each Tuesday in November saw eight TPC members gather in Dirk Binder's Center for Advanced Studies in Yotsuya. We were there to be introduced to the wonders, and headaches, of bare bones website creation. Some of us had come to learn more of what goes on behind the scenes of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) applications that we had been using, others for a genuine introduction to HTML and the remainder to understand more of the source code they been pilfering off the Net.

Our instructor for the course, TPC's own Kristin Bradley first encouraged us to plan the structure of our soon to be web sites using simple flow diagrams. That done we delved into the world of abbreviations and tags that makes up so much of what is read today. At the end of week one the WYSIWYG crew were shocked that creating something so simple could take so long, while the true beginners were happy to find that there is no real secret to scripting in HTML, and it is all actually quite straight forward.

By the end of the second class, having linked and re-linked pages and added nice backgrounds and images we were set to open our own Amazons and use our new found skills for fun and profit. The rude surprise came in the third week, when the pedantry of tables proved not only too much for some of us, but for some of the machines we were using. For reasons that have yet to be fathomed Dirk's venerable ThinkPad just refused to recognize complex HTML.

Nonetheless, by course end we all had functional websites to play with and had for the most part surprised ourselves by how much we had achieved in so little time. In fact Julie went from student to teacher in a little over three weeks. Her Junior High School students' hand made web pages can be found at Imitation is the highest form of flattery after all, right Kristin? As for me, my first non-Dreamweaver coded web pages will be available for your criticism at as soon as I can figure out how to transfer the domain

Next class, FTP and how to deal with ISPs in far away lands? Please?

Justin Gardiner has been working in the eikaiwa business for the past ten years and joined the TPC Users Group after being made administrator of his company's on-line campus. He would like to pass on his gratitude not only to Kristin for this course, but to all the news-group-gurus who have helped him over the past year.

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