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Introductory VB/VBA Programming Course

Instructor: Hanspeter Amend

Course Information:
The course is based on 20 HTML modules which are spread over 6 sessions. The course is highly interactive and students will be invited to continually give feedback on how they are doing. It is constructed to continually keep student interest high. Students are invited to invent and solve their own problems between course hours. There will be little to no lecturing and the modules of the course concentrate heavily on immediate application and within a few minutes after the beginning of thefirst session participants will have written their own programs. To maximize the learning effect the course content is designed to never be too difficult or too easy but keep every students' interest continuing and maximal.

Location: Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) between Yotsuya and Yotsuya-san-chome stations on Shinjuku Dori - please contact the e-mail address below for directions.

Technical - students must have access to Excel 97 or higher.
Experience - no background in programming or Excel necessary,
but students should know what an Excel spreadsheet is, and how to write to it.
Materials - notebook. Floppy disks will be given to the students.

Start date and schedule:
Start Tuesday, March 6 - first day meet at 6:45pm for administrative matters; course starts at 7pm.
Schedule: 6 evenings, 7-9pm:

  1. March 06 - day 1: Introduction Into VBA and the Basics of Programming - A Fundamental VBA Programming Procedure: Sub - Comments - Variables - Enforce Explicit Variable Declaration - Using Variables
  2. March 13 - day 2: Ranges: Introduction - Ranges: The Offset Property - Ranges: Changing The Color of Cells - Ranges: Changing the Sizes of Cells
  3. March 20 - day 3: The If ... Then ... Else Condition - The For ... Next Loop - The For ... Next Loop: Shapes Exercises
  4. March 27 - day 4: The For ... Next Loop: Numeric Exercises - The Array Function
  5. April 03 - day 5: Passing Values to subs - Functions - Performance
  6. April 10 - day 6: Final Exercises

The course will run over six consecutive Tuesdays, covering 12 total hours, two hours per night. For a more detailed list of course topics please contact the e-mail adddress below.

Total Course Cost: 20,000yen /person for TPC members; 25,000yen /person for non-members (course spots reserved on a first-pay-first-serve basis).

To run the course, a minimum of 6 people are needed; there is a maximum of 10 for the class. The facility has 5 Windows 98 desktop computers and 2 IBM thinkp ads - these computers will be held for those who sign up and pay first-come-first-serve. After these computers spots are filled, others wishing to attend would need to bring a laptop that can be connected to the internet.

Payment can be made:
1) to the TPC by bank transfer (furicomi), Postal Money Transfer (Genkin Kaketome), or Yen Check: for bank information and details go to payment methods;
2) by direct payment to James Gibbons or a TPC executive if meeting arranged in advance;
3) by direct payment to the instructor, Hanspeter Amend, if meeting arranged in advance.

For details and directions please contact .

Tokyo PC Users Group, Post Office Box 103, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 150-8691, JAPAN