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Please contact the TPC SIG Co-ordinator with ideas and suggestions for future workshops. Feel free to make requests or offer your expertise.

Temple University Continuing Education

========= News: Temple University - IT Program =========

Information Session on December 6th, 2004 @ 7:00 PM in room 502 on the 5th floor at TUJ

10% Discount for Tokyo PC Users Group Members

You are invited to attend our upcoming Temple IT Program Information Session, where we will discuss the 10 different IT courses that will enable you to achieve Carnegie Mellon University level Certification in two key IT areas: Computer Programming & Software Systems Development.

Courses cater to students wishing to embark on a career in technology, IT professionals wishing to improve and certify their skills, as well as corporations looking to improve and assess their IT staff skills.

As part of the program, we work with students to help them receive Corporate internships and work opportunities within the IT industry.
Courses based on leading-edge course content from iCarnegie (Carnegie Mellon University). Courses offered in the Spring
2005 semester are: SSD1,SSD2, SSD3, and SSD4.

Temple University is offering a 10% discount to any Tokyo PC Users Group Members who enroll in the Temple IT Program, which is run in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University's iCarnegie subsidiary:

Map to our campus is as follows:

To reserve your seat for the Temple IT Program Information Session, please e-mail us at:

Please also feel free to contact us if you are unable to attend and would like further information on the Temple University IT Program courses.

Temple University Continuing Education Spring 2005!
Eager to upgrade your skills this Spring? TUJ's Continuing Education course offerings are now available. TPC members are each eligible for a 10% discount in any ContEd course if at least 3 TPC members are registered in the same term. See: for our Spring
2005 schedule and course descriptions. We are sure that you will find many courses that can help boost your career!

Check out our certificate programs in Human Resource Management, Legal Assistant Training, Computers and other disciplines:

Continuing Education INFORMATION SESSION-JANUARY 8, 2005--10:00-12:00

Find out what's new and share this with a friend. We are having an Information Session-- a great chance to meet teachers and learn more about our courses. The ContEd Information Session announcement is at:

If you have any questions, please contact Mai at or call 03-5441-9864.

Past Workshop Summaries

The Tokyo PC Users Group in conjunction with Temple University Japan held the following workshops on Saturday April 10th and Saturday April 17th 2004.

The Dangers of Internet Web Application (WAS 101)

Recent studies by Gartner Group found that 75% of Web attacks occur at the application layer. When these attacks succeed, the damages could be as embarrassing as site defacement, or as crucial as stolen credit card information, stolen customer information, and worse. These attacks succeed because majority of web applications are vulnerable. As the number of online shops, and sites with sensitive data increases, so will the number of security incidences and thefts involving these sites.
Just look at these chilling facts:
- According to the FTC, more than $18 billion in sales in 2003 is expected to be lost due to concerns about online security
- left as many as 500,000 credit card numbers open to anyone able to construct a specially crafted URL
- the FTC fined Guess? Inc. after a code vulnerability on the site made some 200,000 credit card numbers available.

Don't let your web applications become statistics like these!

Learn what these common vulnerabilities are and how to prevent them. No programming experience required.

Mr. Terumi Laskowsky, MBA CISSP is the instructor for this class.

The Dangers of Internet Application:
Saturday, April 10, 2004
10:00 until 15:30 (five hours)
Temple University, Azabu Juban
Course cost: 20,000 yen

Basics of PHP (PHP 100)

PHP, the open source Web scripting Language that has joined Perl, ASP, and Java can be used to create dynamic online environments. PHP is designed to integrate with databases. PHP code in a script can query databases, create images, read and write files, talks to remote servers - the possibilities are never ending.

Topics to be covered are:
- What is PHP?
- How Did PHP Evolve?
- Why Choose PHP?
- PHP - Open Source?
- Performance, Portability, Speed of Development.
- Combining HTML and PHP
- The Building Blocks
- Switching Flow
- Loops
- Functions

Mr. G. Swaminathan, MCP MCSE MCDBA MCSA OCP CCNA A+ is the instructor for this class.

Basics of PHP
Saturday, April 17,2004
13:00-16:00 (three hours)
Temple University Japan, Azabu Juban
Course cost: 6,000 yen


Contact: Temple University Japan Continuing Education

TEL.03-5441-9864 E-MAIL:

Online sign up form here:

Building a Computer and Hardware Upgrades; October 1999
Link to full summary

About 9 tpc members met at VCN on Monday, October 25 at 7pm to see just what's in a computer. President Mike Kato put together a computer, letting us know where those motherboards, hard drives, chips, cables and cards go. SIG Coordinator, James Gibbons, did memory chip and hard disk drive upgrades on a laptop.

Web Support and Administration; November 1999
Link to full summary

The TPC's own Jim Tittsler and Stuart Woodward covered the essentials of creating and maintaining a good web site. Major topics looked at were (1) Web/HTTP Servers, (2) News Servers (3) Mail Servers (4) FTP and file transport Servers (5) Security (6) Domain Name Services and (7) Hosting Issues.

Linux Introduction; December 1999
Link to full summary

Sajjad, of tpc and VCN fame, took a group of about 15 members through what it takes to get started with Linux. Installations of RedHat Linux 6.1 and Caldera OpenLinux 2.3 came first. Issues of installing from Windows and by CD were covered. Also looked was Sun StarOffice, a freeware office productivity suite.

Linux Part II; January 2000
Link to full summary

Again, Sajjad, with the aid Jim Tittsler, lead this workshop with an installation of Mandrake Linux 7.0. This installation allowed a more detailed look at partioning issues and basic directory issues. Also covered were desktop managers and some core interface and maintenance concerns.

Networking; February 2000
Link to full summary

Andrew Hayes lead this workshop on networking, showing us networking generalities such as hardware basics, networking topologies and protocols. More specifically, we learned how to use it in the home by setting up and configuring some PCs.

Multimedia; March 2000
Link to full summary

Sajjad Zaidi covered a number of open-source multimedia tools on a Linux platform. We worked with images, sound and video.

Cross-platform Networking; April 18 2000
Link to full summary

Andrew, Sajjad and Gary linked up Mac, Window NT, Windows 98 and Linux boxes for our amusement and edification.

HTML Course
Link to full summary

Introductory VB/VBA Programming Course

Hanspeter Amend presented a 6 session course at the Center for Advanced Studies that provided an introduction to programming within the Excel VBA framework. full summary...

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